A complete all in one confocal super resolution microscope cost competitive and as easy to use as a standard fluorescence microscope

Imaging Modes
  • Widefield
  • FINCH super resolution holography
  • Confocal spinning disk
  • Confocal spinning disk & super resolution holography
  • Simultaneous imaging of Widefield and FINCH holography or Confocal and FINCH confocal imaging (CINCH)
Super Resolution
  • 105 nm X,Y lateral resolution at 520nm wavelength
  • 120 nm X,Y lateral resolution at 590nm wavelength
  • ca. 350 nm Z resolution
  • One image capture/plane to obtain super resolution images
  • FINCH calculation and deconvolution in seconds
  • No image artifacts or chromatic artifacts
Light Source/Fluorescence
  • Ultra-stable fluorescence 405, 445, 465, 522, 528, 555, 635 nm laser illumination
  • Transmitted light illumination
  • Quad band excitation filter/dichroic with individual band emission filters automatically selected during multiwavelength single or stack image capture
  • XYZ stage movement, objective piezo under joystick and computer control
  • Auto objective switching between 10x and 60X or 100X 1.4-1.49 NA
  • Automatic selection of confocal or widefield mode
Live Cell Imaging
  • Temperature and environmental atmospheric control for live cell samples.
  • Uses standard fluorescent dyes
  • Two 2Kx2K sCMOS cameras for hologram recording
  • One 2Kx2K sCMOS camera for widefield and confocal imaging



  • Full instrument control of hardware components
  • Proprietary FINCH image calculation algorithms
  • Deconvolution software
  • Auto imaging options for single plane or 3D multi plane stack imaging with up to four different dyes at a time
  • Quad band excitation/emission filters with individual dye emission filters automatically selected during multiwavelength single or stack image capture; custom color configurations also are enabled