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CellOptic, Inc. is an optical technology and instrumentation company headquartered in a modern facility in Rockville, Maryland¬†that applies novel holographic imaging technology to meet emerging needs in the biomedical and industrial research sectors. CellOptic’s extensive research in optical technology, software and on-site manufacturing and prototyping capability and broad network of suppliers and partners have been used to integrate a core optical technology platform into research grade super-resolution microscopes and a disruptive clinical application.¬† The company is committed to further development of new biomedical, industrial, clinical and other imaging applications that leverage their technologies to see the world better.¬†CellOptic innovations in imaging and optical construction are protected by an extensive worldwide intellectual property portfolio. These patents and pending patents extensively cover a photographic like incoherent holographic 3D super resolution imaging technology called FINCH that is distinct from other approaches, and other associated technologies.
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9605 Medical Center Drive
Suite 325
Rockville, MD 20850